9 things you need to know about Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko Biography
Destiny Etiko Biography

9 things you need to know about Destiny Etiko.

Destiny Etiko, a Nigerian playwright, television personality, and model, has a large fan base. She is known for her work in dramatic, humorous, and romantic roles. Her hometown is Udi in Nigeria’s Enugu State. She is the epitome of what hard work and determination can do.

Nigerian film producers and filmmakers are more often than not free to cast her in whatever role they like. This is mostly because she makes it easy. Here are some little known facts about her.


Destiny Etiko joined the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program in 2014 and completed it in 2015. In high school, she was involved in theater as well as other activities. She began performing in college, doing minor roles. Destiny Etiko began her career in Nollywood as a member of the National Museum’s GRAA Actors Guild at AGN in Enugu, Nigeria (AGN).



Destiny Etiko described in an interview with Vanguard, a Nigerian newspaper, that after registering with the Actors Guild of Nigeria she ventured into the Nigerian movie industry commonly known as Nollywood in 2011 and described her experience then as a difficult one because she had to combine her acting career with her school requirements as she was still a student at the time. Etiko’s career received prominence after she featured in a movie titled Idemili which was produced in 2012 by Ernest Obi but was not released until 2014. Her role in the movie earned her a City People Entertainment Awards nomination. Before her role in the movie titled Idemili, Etiko had appeared in other movies although did not receive prominent roles in them.

Destiny Etiko Biography

Destiny Etiko was cast in a number of films after joining the Actors Guild of Nigeria as a professional actress. In a few short years, she moved from being a minor character to a large one to a giant super celebrity. She’s been dubbed “one of Nigeria’s outspoken actresses,” “one of the top performers,” “intellectual,” and “pretty.”

Destiny Etiko is an influential figure in Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood. She’s earned a reputation for herself in Hollywood as a leading lady who can demand huge wages from top producers and directors. Destiny Etiko has appeared in films in both English and Igbo. She has collaborated with several individuals, including Pete Edochie, Nkem Owoh, ntaluagu, and others.


In 2015, she was nominated for an Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for best actress in Nigeria for her work in the Nollywood film “Idemili.” Etiko has appeared in over 130 Nollywood films. Among the many projects, she has worked on are Enuma and Black Xmas.

She has subsequently established herself as one of Nigeria’s most brilliant and alluring visual artists. She does an excellent job at portraying the spirit of the character while yet coming off as a true performer.


Destiny Etiko rose to worldwide prominence after appearing in Ernest Obi’s 2012 Nollywood movie “Idemili.” She became a household name as a consequence of her role in the film.

Her performance in the film earned her an Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award nomination for Most Promising Actress. Ernest Obi directed the picture, which was produced by Onye-Eze Productions. The Nigerian cities of Asaba and Enugu were used as shooting sites.


Destiny Etiko still hasn’t found a new lover. So far, the general public and the media have been kept in the dark regarding her private life.

She is said to be dating Nollywood actor Zubby Michael, while neither party has acknowledged the relationship. However,

Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko are often seen together at nightclubs, parties, and other social gatherings.


Destiny Etiko, a Nigerian actress with wealth in the six figures, is well-known in her home country for her work. Her Instagram and Facebook profiles have over a million followers each. Destiny Etiko is a model, film producer, and social media phenomenon.

Many newspapers have referred to her as “one of Nigeria’s most sought-after celebrities” and “one of the highest-paid actresses.” Desiree Etiko is a rising star in Nigeria’s Nollywood film industry.


Destiny Etiko was born in Udi, a village located precisely in Enugu state, a southeastern geographical area of Nigeria occupied predominantly by the igbo people of Nigeria. Destiny Etiko received both her primary and secondary school education in Enugu State where she obtained her First School Leaving Certificate and the West African Senior School Certificate. Etiko in bid to obtain a university degree relocated to Anambra state then applied to study Theater Arts In Nnamdi Azikiwe University located in Awka. Etiko was accepted and granted admission and eventually graduated with a degree in Theater Arts.


The prince & I (2019)

Heart of Love (2019)

My sisters love (2019)

Poor Billionaire (2019)

Virgin goddess (2019)

Queen of love (2019)

The Sacred Cowry (2019)

The Return of Ezendiala (2019)

Barren Kingdom (2019)

Pains of the Orphan (2019)

Clap of Royalty (2019)

The Hidden Sin (2019)

Family Yoke (2019)

King’s Word (2019)

Sound of Evil (2019)

My Private Part (2019) as Stella

Power of Royalty (2019)

Sunset of Love (2019)

London Prince (2019)

Woman of Power (2019)

Tears of Regret (2018)

Evil Seekers (2017)

Fear of a Woman (2016)

3 Days to Wed (2016)

The Storm (2016)

Living in Poverty (2020)

Hour of Victory (2020)

Wrong turn (2021)

Widows money (2022)

Helpless marriage


Without mincing words, Destiny Etiko remains one of the most generous and selfless actresses in the Nigerian movie industry. Her goodwill towards the less privileged people has earned her so much love and affection from the masses. Currently, the actress set up a non-profit organization in her name which is aimed basically at alleviating the miserable condition of people languishing in penury and destitution. Destiny Etiko Foundation (DEF) on countless occasions have reached out to people in various localities in order to lend a helping hand in any little way.


Destiny Etiko alongside her crew members has visited schools, widows and poverty-stricken individuals in the interior parts of Nigeria and subsequently blessed them with items such as bags of rice, garri and so on. There is no doubt that benevolent gestures like such bring about much love from people and blessings from God; little wonder they say ‘one good turn deserves another’. Hence it is in her nature to show excessive love to the helpless, they reciprocate in the little way they can by continuously blowing her trumpet.


Here are few Destiny Etiko Photoshoots on movie set.

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