Artists!!! Getting streamed, but not earning $$ on your music? (See solution)

It’s a totally different thing to be getting streams and to be EARNING on every stream you get on digital stores.

I know many artists I know complain bitterly about them getting thousands of streams on digital stores and they’re not getting a dime from their distributor, which made me come up with this SOLUTION on how you can earn on your song and get your money to your bank account as a Nigerian artiste or musician.

Let me introduce you to UL Distro, a full-stack music distributing and digital promotion platform, that transparently handles your music business.

Take account of every dime you’re making on your music today with UL Distro!


At NL Distro we have an all-in-one solution for how to strategically distribute your song to money-making streams on a global and local scale, depending on how far you want your music to travel.

We monitor every stream across all digital stores we shared with, and we pay big attention to where your major fans are coming from, so we can give professional advice on where to channel your attention and tours to.

Also, we have a strong team of top Playlist curators on all streaming platforms, so if you want to go wide and far with your music, don’t freak out we’re with you on the JOURNEY.

We will choose not to talk so much about this article, as we don’t want to give a narration that we are trying so hard to convince into taking your career to the NEXT LEVEL.


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