What will happen when you die

What will happen when you die
when you die


Don’t be concerned if you die.
Don’t worry about your body since people will take care of what is necessary.

They will..
1 Buy you new white clothes
2 Wash you
3 Take you out of your home
4 to your new place of stay (the grave)
5 Many will come to bid you farewell at your funeral – in fact, many will cancel work for the sake of your burial, despite the fact that most of them did not know you while you were alive.

6 – Your belongings will be gotten rid of:
your cars
your cheque books
your bags
your shoes
your clothes

Your job will be taken over by someone else.
Your money will be passed along to heirs, while you will continue to be questioned about every tiny and important deed.

There will be three categories of mourners for you

1) people who only knew you on the surface will remark ‘poor man’
2- Your pals will cry for hours or days before returning to laughter.
3- Your family’s intense loss will last a week, two weeks, a month, two months, or possibly a year.

Following that, they will remember you.
So your story among the people came to an end.
And the story of your encounter with reality begins; where will you spend eternity?

life after death.

Indeed, the following items will go from you:

1- Beauty
2- Wealth
3- Health
4- Children
5- The mansions
6- Your spouse

And your actual life has only just begun, Eternity.

The issue is, what have you planned for your Eternity or afterlife?

This reality must be considered: Take care of these two items…
1. Redemption
2- Consecration

Remember to say your prayers.
And don’t forget to share this message with as many people as possible… Because once your eyes close in death, the only thing you have left is “your relationship WITH GOD.”
Will you spend eternity in Heaven or Hell? Brothers and sisters, let us all live a holy life.

Going to church and paying tithes and offerings will not get you to paradise.

What will happen when you die

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