Peruzzi accuses Davido for stealing his original charger

Peruzzi accuses Davido for stealing his original charger.

Davido responds when Peruzzi accuses him of stealing his original charger.

Rapper Peruzzi from Nigeria claims that Davido, the head of his label, stole his original charger.

It all began when @aruahchima, a Nigerian user of the X platform, posted on his account;

Davido then responded in a joking manner saying “And crusher 😂😂” to which Peruzzi responded that he forgot that one and encouraged Nigerians to go ahead to drag him.

Davido reacts to the “crusher,” to which Peruzzi gives the Nigerians permission to drag him.

Following Mohbad’s murder, many individuals have expressed concern about the well-being of many Nigerian artists signed to record labels, as many label bosses make life difficult for ex-signees who have left their firm.

This discussion between Peruzzi accusing Davido of always snatching his charger has placed a smile on many Nigerians’ faces as the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s life revealed that he was being bullied.

When Mohbad screamed out for help, most locals wished they had paid more heed.

Some Netizens reactions:

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