Mohbad father’s claims, “I believe an injection caused my son’s death.”

Mohbad father's claims,

I Think An Injection Led To My Son’s Death, Says Mohbad’s Father

The late Nigerian musician Mohbad’s father, n Aloba, has spoken out about the passing of his son.

I believe the injection caused his death, Joseph Aloba said in a video interview that went viral on Saturday. I don’t know who transported him to the hospital, but from what I’ve heard, they chose to take him there after he started vomiting after getting the injection.

“Since I wasn’t there, I didn’t hear anything from the doctor. I came across his body after they had taken him back home. I so determined that they should take him to Ikorodu for burial. I firmly think that both giving and taking are acts of God.

“When he and Naira had a disagreement, I can argue that my kid was actually alright because I went to his house that very day, prayed for him, and he told me he wanted to go somewhere.

One of his friends recently returned from home and remarked that as he was on his way there. He provided me with proof that he had been beaten in the Marlian home.

I wanted to go to Naira Marley’s house when this problem first started, but I was afraid of what I could find there. When Naira Marley contacted me once, I tried to call him back but was unable to do so.

“I heard a lot of things happened to him (Mohbad) but we cannot say it was Naira Marley. He was attacked when he was doing this new album with Zlatan, but the Naira Marley was not with those that came.”

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