Mista Arise – Most High (Full Album)

Mista Arise - Most High (Album)
Mista Arise – Most High Album

Another hot Newly released album by Mista Arise – Most High.

Prosper Bassey populary known as Mista Arise came out with new hot Inspirational Album that contains 7 different tracks tittle: “Most High”.

“Most High” is a captivating and soul-stirring gospel reggae album that seamlessly combines the infectious rhythms of reggae music with powerful spiritual messagesthat uplift the soul. This uplifting collection of songs is a heartfelt expression of praise and worship to the Most High.

Drawing inspiration from biblical teachings, “Most High” weaves together melodic reggae beats with heartfelt lyrics that celebrate God’s love,grace, and mercy. Through infectious grooves and inspiring melodies, this album invites listeners on a journey of faith and spiritual connection.

Whether you are a fan of reggae music or a lover of gospel music, “Most High” is an album that transcends genres. It blends the infectious energy of reggae with the timeless messages of faith and love found in gospel music, creating a unique and unforgettable sound. This album is a testament to the power of music as a vessel for spiritual expression, and it has the potential to touch the hearts and souls of all who listen.

“Most High” is not just an album, but a profound spiritual experience that encourages listeners to find solace, strength, and inspiration in a higher power. With its blend of heartfelt lyrics, contagious rhythms, and soulful performances, this gospel reggae masterpiece will leave a lasting impact, reminding all who hear it of the infinite love and grace of the Most High.


Mista Arise, also known as Prosper Bassey, is an incredibly talented gospel reggae artist from Akpabuyo in Cross River State,Nigeria. His stage name, Mista Arise, perfectly captures his unwavering determination to rise above and overcome the numerous challenges he has faced throughout his life.

Inspired by his deep faith and a desire to spread the message of hope and positivity, Mista Arise combines the infectious rhythms of reggae with powerful gospel lyrics to create a unique and uplifting musical experience.

Download and listen to Mista Arise – Most High (Album).

1. You Reign | DOWNLOAD HERE


3. Song for Mama | DOWNLOAD HERE


5. My Sunshine | DOWNLOAD HERE

6. Righteousness |DOWNLOAD HERE

7. Nigerians Unite | DOWNLOAD HERE

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