Check Out All Olamide’s House and Cars

Olamide owns several beautiful houses in Lagos, Nigeria, and drives luxurious cars like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Range Rover Sport V8, and Lamborghini Aventador.

As a well-known rapper in Nigeria, Olamide has an estimated net worth of $10 million, allowing him to indulge in a life of luxury. It’s no surprise that someone with such wealth is enjoying every moment to the fullest. Throughout his music career, this Nigerian entertainer has achieved great success and accumulated substantial wealth, truly reaping the rewards of his hard work.

Olamide Has Three Mansions in Lagos, Nigeria

Badoo lives in one of the most affluent regions in the city of Lagos. Just like his song with Phyno, Olamide makes “Dope Money” from his music career and other endeavors, and has not disappointed one bit in living a luxurious lifestyle that his wealth comfortably affords him. After all, a life they say is for the living, and Olamide is one Nigerian musician who lives the most of it.

Olamide Set To Release New Album Titled “Unruly” This Friday

It is no longer news that most Nigerian celebrities like acquiring properties and as well settling in one of the best spots in Nigeria, and in Lagos, it is either Lekki or Banana Island. The award-winning singer reportedly owns three houses in Lagos; two on the Mainland, and one on the Island.

His most recent house is the one located in Lekki Island, Phase 1 which saw him part ways with a fortune of ₦70 million. The multi-billion naira mansion has the most lavish appearance and luxurious interiors, and this is where the artist spends most of his time, with his children and baby mama.

Besides that, he previously has a mansion in Bariga Lagos, his hometown and where he was born and brought up. This was where the singer was living before he completed and packed into his new apartment in Lekki. The Bariga house is reportedly priced at ₦25 million as of the time he bought it. It is located near a petrol station which people claim belongs to him.

Olamide is very generous with accommodation. He has another house he bought in his parent’s name. The house which is said to have cost him around ₦20 million is an exquisitely furnished three-bedroom apartment located in Bariga Lagos State. According to records, Olamide dedicated the house to his mother with whom he has a very close relationship.

Olamide’s House In Banana Island

It is very understandable that rumors usually go around about celebrities having properties in one of the best spots in the country which is Banana Island, Lagos. This is because the area has become home to many celebrities in the country, given its high-brow location.

Hence, any Nigerian celebrity is usually rumored to have acquired property there. However, in the case of Olamide, the rumors are nothing but false, as the singer is yet to acquire a house in the high-brow area but is reportedly making plans to do so in the nearest future.

Does Olamide Own a House in London?

In recent times, anyone who has attained a decent height of success in his or her career tends to invest in real estate. For celebrities, the location and place of these acquisitions go a long way for them as it is an indicator of their status.

The YBNL boss has secured grandiose properties at different choice locations in Nigeria but there is no record to show that he owns any house in London or outside the shores of the country. So, it is quite skeptical if he actually does own one. However, it will not be a surprise to know that the famous rapper might just be making serious plans regarding this development.

Inside Olamide’s Collection of Exquisite Cars

Olamide has a high taste for fast and exotic rides and his garage is well adorned with a good number of them. The Nigerian entertainer is known to have five (5) brands of luxurious cars in his garage. This is expected as he is one of the richest musicians in the country.

Lamborghini Aventador

Reportedly the most expensive car in his garage, Olamide bought his Lamborghini Aventador at a whopping price of ₦218 million. This is also known to be the latest acquisition in his garage. The public only got to know about this when Gossip Mill Nigeria, a popular blogger took to their Instagram page to share the good news and congratulate the rapper on the big feat. According to the blog site, Olamide did not even bother to share the news nor make noise about his acquisition.

Rolls Royce Phantom

As far as Nigerian celebrities are concerned, there is no such garage that does not have a spot for Rolls Royce Phantom. It is not known exactly how much he paid to own this baby but the market price of a Rolls Royce Phantom starts at nothing less than ₦200 million. As earlier hinted, the rapper is not one of the Nigerian celebrities to raise dust about his acquisitions, so, some of his cars are not actually known to the public.

Range Rover Sport V8

Another fantastic ride in Olamide’s garage is a Range Rover Sport V8 which is worth an estimated ₦90 million. The car comes with a higher performance, installed V8 engine exclusively designed for people who love the lavish lifestyle.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This is expected as no celebrity misses out on owning these fancy wheels. The automobile costs Olamide ₦23 million to acquire.

Toyota Camry

Olamide’s Toyota Camry is obviously the cheapest car he owns and many people might just be wondering how a celebrity of his status could still have that car model in his garage. The car which is considered affordable to many is said to be his first car and he bought it for ₦4 million.

Olamide Gifted His Producer a Toyota Venza

Not only does Olamide spend a fortune on buying the best cars for himself, but he also spent extravagantly on purchasing a luxurious car for his producer. He gifted his record producer, Young John with a ₦6 million Toyota Venza. According to reports, Young John takes the credit for producing most of the beats used in mixing his songs so, the gift was well deserved.

It is apparent that the YBNL Nation boss is enjoying the wealth and luxury that comes along with his celebrity status. In fact, his lifestyle is proof of the kind of wealth he has amassed for himself. In addition to that, Olamide spends his money on charity work. He largely supports some causes in the country such as education for girls, veteran support, fights against human trafficking, cancer, etc.

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