[Gospel]: Blessed Abbah – Overflow

Blessed Abbah – Overflow
Blessed Abbah

New song by Blessed Abbah – Overflow.

Im blessed Abbah also known as PraiseB, from Kogi State in Nigeria. Born on June 8, 93, in Kaduna state and now lives in Abuja. I am currently a worship leader at Living Faith Church, Navy Area Church Abuja.

The psalmist sings, a contemporary style of music, with a spirit filled with uplifted spirit and praises God.

Throughout the years I have followed musical mentors and ministers of faith and kingdom like sinach, pastor nathaniel bassey, joe praise, tim godfrey, minister guc, mama pity chinwo, travis greene, joe martle, eben, papa dunsin oyekan, minister theophilus sunday, moses bliss, sammy opkoso of just blessing memory, big brother, dam. This is my first by his grace and others will follow.

I started singing in high school and had the privilege of hosting many shows and preaching at church and events. The media release on this track is excessive.

Overflow is a song born from God in my mind to convince the believers and everyone in mind without any doubt just because of the economic situation the country is facing now.

God brought the children of Israel to the land flowing with milk and honey despite the trials that surrounded them.

We will have reason to celebrate and rejoice because it is for the signs and wonders in the name of Jesus. Gen 13:14-17. Believe it in your heart and say it with your mouth, and see how God brings it back to the past.

OVERFLOW lyrics by Blessed Abbah-PraiseB:

All: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh overflow 2*
Chorus All: overflow…….na eh
I dey see……2*
Soloist: Celebration no go finish from mine life oh
Jubilation no go vanish from mine life
Celebrations no go finish from mine life oh
Jubilation no go vanish from mine life oh oh
All : Repeat Verse 1 (4*) then HE don do em HE don change em HE don bless me oh I go praise His name Back to chorus 2

Verse 2
Theres an overflow of blessing Overflow of miracle……. Im blessed……
Cause I am working in an abundance
Can you see His light on me….
Im blessed….. Cause am conqueror, I got living faith Im warrior
I got Christ in me….
Do you mine shine
Do you see mine light
Cause am living Christ and I know His mine time
All: back to chorus 2*

Soloist: Overflow of Joy…………
Overflow of Riches……..
Overflow grace e ye
O re pe ted ……..
Overflow of healing
Overflow of favour
Overflow of breakthrough e ye(all)
O re pe ted ……..
Interlude ………

Soloist: sudden….ly blessing follow me oh
Sudden….ly blessing follow me oh
Suddenly blessing follows me
Suddenly blessing follows me
sudden…ly blessing follow me oh
All: Repeat d interlude 4*
Song written by PraiseB, ellie_starrrr
Song arrange by melody

Download and listen to Blessed Abbah – Overflow.

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