Let’s Save The Environment

Let’s Save The Environment.

The Jane empowerment in a bid to alleviate poverty and and empower individuals at the grassroot level to become more self reliant on unseen opportunities held a round up of her second phase of recycling awareness within the badagry environ on the 14th of May, 2023.
The recycling awareness and initiative is a self employment scheme as much as it is also a strategy of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

The guest speaker, Hon. Sewede pot Balogun in her speech admonishes all participants and beneficiaries to embrace the recycling activity as a personal project.
More emphasis was laid on the importance of recycling.

In her speech, she made it clear that “If we look at the big picture of what it takes to create a product from scratch — to get the raw materials, transport them, process them and manufacture them — making goods with recycled material like paper, plastic, glass, and metal is a major energy saver”.
Investing in recycling collection supports a strong and diverse recycling industry that provides jobs and high state and local wages. Collecting recyclable materials is the first and most important link in the chain of economic activity. Investing in local collection infrastructure pays big dividends as it supports important downstream recycling economic activities. Importantly, many of these recyclers rely on a steady and consistent supply of recyclable materials from their recycling programs.

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Some of the beneficiaries who are majorly pupils of primary school were advised to see this activities as a means of helping the parent sponsor their own education.

To encourage people who took the recycling activity seriously, gift which are basically food items were brought to appreciate their effort and further encourage those who will develop interest in the exercise.
Gifts were given to all beneficiaries present based on the quantity of recyclable plastics they were able to gather.

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