Some days ago when the movie came out, friends, colleagues and my neighbors have been discussing via there different social media channel, about how captivating and interesting the movie called Enoch has been, despite the fact that I don’t share the same faith,I’d no choice than to just give it my 1hr 58 minutes,in order to authenticate what my allies said about the movie and also join in the discussion and I tell you,the movie really did worth my 1hr58minutes.

After the 1hr58minutes,these are my evaluations:

The movie really described Baba Adeboye’s life from Childhood,till this present moment.

The movie detailed ,how poverty held down Baba’s life then.
How He attended Ilesha Grammar School without a shoe and yet he came out in flying colours.
His interest for Education should also be considered. Despite the fact that his parents were poor,he made sure that his aim was achieved . He never allowed any distraction to affect his education.

What about the Indigenous Ijesha language and the underneath music, used in the movie?
C’mon it was really a topnotch 🥰.

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The Art and the revelation too, should be appreciated.

Let’s not digress too much. Let’s continue with the review.
When His father died,things became hard for him,if not for the IOU form,he wouldn’t have completed his secondary school education,in Ilesha Grammar School.

After he finished his secondary school education, he then proceeded to the University Of Nigeria Nsuka, before his completion he came home to greet his old time friend,that was where he met Mummy G.O(Mrs.Foluke Adeboye).
I remember His toasting skills (which is outdated already 😅),his shyness and Mummy G.O reluctancy too😅,as if she wouldn’t accept Baba’s hand in marriage at first 😅.

Fast forward to his marital life,he did have problems,his children went sick 😔🥲, which almost affected his career,if not for the help of Mama Foluke and God.

Adejare became a lecturer and also doubled as a PHD holder at a very young age,in University Of Lagos,but with all these, problems kept increasing in his households 🥲.
He approached different herbalists,but to no avail 😑😑.

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His Uncle took him to one RCCG in Ebute Meta in Lagos, hoping that an end would come to his difficulties,but
Kàá kà kí Èwé Àgbón Dé,Ní sé lôn lè sí (Instead Of Solution,the problem kept multiplying).

Adejare never knew,God wanted to use him.
The very first time he came to the RCCG in Ebute Meta,God told the then RCCG G.O (Baba Josiah Akindayo) that, Adejare would succeed him, after his departure.

Baba E.A Adeboye,made sacrifices, ranging from resigning from his work, which cut short of his ambition in becoming the youngest Vice Chancellor in Africa,he and his wife emptied there bank account in order to strengthen the work of God, putting his life at risk etc

Years later,Baba Josiah Akindayo got sicked and the sickness took his life,but before he died he already instructed that ,God told him that Adejare Adeboye should succeed him.

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After the death of the former G.O, Adejare had difficulty 🥲,some of the RCCG pastors left the Church because of the choice of the then G.O,but he prayed to God and God answered him

This Is The Story
Of Pastor E.A

These are the important lessons:

– Education Should Be Prioritised.
– Sacrifices Must Be Made
– One Must Ensure To Have A Resilient,Good And Supportive Spouse
– Lastly, Humility Will Always Pay

Mount Zion film Production,did well in this and I’m not surprised, Mount Zion films are always topnotched 🥰😊.

Enjoy the rest of your day

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