19-Year-Old Boy Wins N38m Bet With N400, His Father Send Him to Return Money

19-Year-Old Boy Wins N38m Bet With N400, His Father Send Him to Return Money

A 19-year-old boy reportedly won N38 million from sports betting, but the problem is that his father is not comfortable with it The boy was said to have staked only N400 and was lucky to get the large amount, but his father said betting was wrong In a story that has gone viral, the boy’s brother shared an anonymous message asking for advice on how to convince their father.

A man has reportedly asked his son to return the N38 million he won through sports betting. The boy, who is said to be 19 years old, staked only N400, and he won the N38 million and brought it home.

In the message, the boy’s brother is seeking advice from members of the public on how to deal with the situation. He lamented that their rent was due and their father had rejected the bet money resulting in a rift between him and his wife. Even though the man has seen the game slip, he has refused to accept the money into his house, saying it should be returned to the betting company.

The message reads:

“My 19yr old kid bro won 38M with 450 naira and my dad is insisting he returns the money because he doesn’t support gamb’ling despite explaining and showing him the slip, he’s still insisting. Our rent is due in two months, now it has caused issues between him and mum. Kindly advice.”

The lady revealed that her friend who introduced her to betting had N50,000 with him, so she decided to use it to play the game for the first time. Thereafter, she had been playing the game for the past three years and had not won any game. She indicated that betting is not good for the youth and advised subtly that it should be avoided.

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